Teddy Bear History

tr-teddy_2“Theodore Roosevelt, in 1902, was on a hunting trip to Mississippi.

Mr. Roosevelt was renowned for his hunting skills but was having poor luck on this particular day.

The hunting party, afraid of Mr Roosevelt’s disappointment, captured a Louisiana bear cub and tied it to a nearby tree.

The president was then called upon to shoot the bear but refused and the bear was set free. 

A cartoonist for the Washington Post, Clifford Berryman, captured the moment in a cartoon titled “Drawing the Line in Mississippi”. 
 Morris Mitchum, a New York store owner,
Original Teddy Bear Replica

and his seam stress wife Rose, drew inspiration from the story and created a hand-stitched bear to sell in their shop.

The bears were a great selling item and Mr. Mitchum wrote a letter to the president seeking permission to name his new bear “Teddy” The President consented and the rest is history.”

That’s the story you’ll find on the tag of the 12 inch tall, four jointed, 15 year old 100th Anniversary of the Teddy Bear Dan Deer collectible Teddy Roosevelt teddy bear.

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